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My Little Pony - Collectible Card Game Series 2 Canterlot Nights Theme Deck

Assorted deck designs. No guarantee as to which you will receive.
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Canterlot Nights, the 1st expansion set to the highlight popular My Little Pony CCG, will add over 200 cards to the game and introduce two new Mane Character ponies (Princess Luna and Princess Celestia) for players to build their decks around.
With plenty of new features for players, fan favourites like DJ Pon-3 and Queen Chrysalis making their first appearances, Mane Character cards can now be found as Uncommon cards in packs, and new game play elements such as “Pumped” add excitement to gameplay.
Powerful new friends, new mechanics, fun content, and more!
Canterlot Nights will be available in 12-card boosters and 59-card theme decks.
Theme Decks for the release will each include 2 special foil Mane Character cards, representing the two game play colours featured in that deck:
Lune (Purple) pairs with Rainbow Dash (Blue)
Celestia (Yellow) pairs with Rarity (White)


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