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Wind Rider Cub with Bonus In-Game Companion 8 inch Plushie Toy Blizzard

Discount: -$29.99
Rating: Not Rated Yet

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$50 non refundable cancellation fee.
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Catch him now before he flies away!

Key Features:

Includes a loot code for a matching in-game non-combat pet, which once activated, applies to all present and future characters on a single World of Warcraft license
Accessible by both Horde and Alliance players.
22cm tall
Ridiculously cute!
Made of premium "SuperSoft" plush material
Horde symbol embroidered shield on the neck
Please note: The loot code comes on a card which is delivered with the plush pet. This item cannot be returned if the loot code has been scratched off or redeemed.


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